2021 Was Stodgy 


The Great British Bake Off has now made it’s way into our home. Truthfully we watched the first two collections on Netflix during our Christmas break. Sad I know. But one vocabulary word that is used often in this show describes how I feel about 2021. Stodgy: some of the material is rather stodgy and top-heavy with facts. If you are in England, it also means heavy, filling, and high in carbohydrates.

I think both definitions accurately describe my 2021 and probably many others for that matter. It was a pretty Stodgy year, and in the words of Paul Hollywood, not my favorite filling.

So in reflecting – I think maybe I should start with the good, cover a few of the bad, and then hit hard some 2022 New Year’s resolutions.

So the good:

– Great career year! More to come on this – but this year was great at my job. I was really able to do more and enjoy more there – so there is a definite plus.

– Became a One Car Family. We traded in the family of Fords (before they completely fell apart) and bought our first brand new vehicle – a Honda CRV. And as a result of becoming a one car family …

– … I bought an eBike. First to get around town – but I ride it everyday. Well, not now because snow. But I am in the best shape I have ever been. My FCS numbers are GREAT! And I am holding steady at a weight I can manage. Who knew right?

– I built a water garden in my office. What is a water garden you ask? Exactly that, a garden that has water in it. It features a small waterfall, misting pond, bonsai, money trees, bamboo and lilies. You can see it live on my webcam at nerdynate.live.

– Angela. She was amazing this year. From being able to have a great home life in the middle of this pandemic. And killing it at her job at Maine Med. I love her more then I love chocolate cake… and I do love me some chocolate cake.

– My Grandson Knox was born in 2021 & Beau turned 2 this November. #callmepops. I just love them both so much!!

The Bad

– Covid

– Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: Angela was diagnosis with Spinal Stenosis this October. And so our 4th quarter was filled with shots, opioids, muscle relaxers, lidocaine patches, pillows, Yoga, and robot chairs. She is improving, but this one came out of no where and has flip our lives around a bit.

– Social Anxiety: This year I spent 8 weeks in counseling and therapy for social anxiety. It came to me as a big surprise being a huge Extrovert and all. My therapist worked me through exposure therapy and it was great. Seriously all – take care of your mental health. There are tons of resources out there. And it is so important. Best thing I did for myself this year hands down.

Going to end there with the bad… there are more good on the list then bad, so end that segment on a high note.

(Crazy note – while working on this blog, found out that Betty White died at age 99. Suck it 2021. Love you Betty White and will miss you.)

Now for the 2022 New Year’s Resolutions:

– Blog more. Funny story – I used to blog all the time, like professional as part of my career. And haven’t for years now. I think I would like to change that. Not that I have alot to say, but I think it is a healthy creative outlet for me. Pictures, videos, and maybe some nerdy stuff. Would that be ok to do here? Not that you have a choice, but didn’t hurt to ask.

– Make a perfect low fat pie using the skills I have acquired from watching the Great British Bake Off. But Seriously, we bought new pie pans and everything for me to be able to attempt. Stay tuned.

– Spend more time with my Grand children. Because I just love them so much.

– Read self help books. My Son bought me “Winning the War in Your Mind” for Christmas. Going to start there and see what else comes up this year.

So that is it for now. Join me here in 2022 for more.

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